Perfect WFH Space: Hometime's Inspiring Design

" Transform your home into the ultimate WFH haven with Hometime's inspiring designs. Discover Airbnb-inspired tips and create your perfect workspace today!"

Are you currently working from home?

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Remote working has accelerated dramatically since the start of the pandemic. At Hometime, we are a fully remote company. This means we have taken the opportunity to configure a remote setup that works best for us.

Need any ideas for your setup? We’ve put together top tips to create a WFH space that will support your mind, body and spirit.

The dedicated space

Deciding where to work from home is your starting point. While some might have a dedicated office or space they can convert into a workstation, others might only have the use of a desk and chair. If your space is small, don't worry. A functional home office can be created in a small area. Think about pieces that have the potential to be multifunctional, like converting a guest room into a dual-purpose space: an office most of the time and a guest room when you have visitors over. No guest room? Have a look at additional spaces in your home like a patio, a large laundry room or even a garden shed.

Hometime Tip* If you can’t get a dedicated space you can separate from the rest of your life, try to find a corner or any area you can use that is out of the way and as private as possible.

The chair

A WFH chair has to be comfortable, but it is important to get the level of comfort right. If a chair is too hard, you might not be able to sit for long periods of time and concentrate but if a chair is too soft,  you might find yourself dozing off into a wonderland…. We suggest swivel chairs that have adjustable height, provide solid lumbar support for the lower back and have an armrest so that you minimise pain and maximum focus.

Hometime Tip* Take into account how much time you spend seated in the office when choosing a chair. Avoid buying furniture (especially a chair) online; rather go into a store to test it out and see what works best for you - everyones’ body and needs are different!

The desk

When investing in a desk for a dedicated workspace, we recommend that you buy your desk to fit all your electronics and decor, rather than the other way around. Factor in other items such as scanners, printers, microphone mounts, lighting and monitors. An adjustable standing desk is a great, ergonomic option that you can easily move higher in order to stand while working, and then adjust it back down to sit.

Hometime Tip* Look for a multipurpose desk that converts into a standing desk so you have the option of both sitting and understanding throughout the day.

The lighting

Don’t underestimate the effect good (and bad) lighting can have on your ability to get work done. The right light will be indirect and will illuminate your workspace, so you can easily read your screen. Overhead lighting is usually best for this, like a light from a ceiling lamp.
Aim for lights that do not shine in your direct field of view or reflect off your monitor. For example, an outside window behind or to the side of your desk can create glare on your computer screen when the sun is shining. Natural light is pleasant, but diffuse it with shades or curtains so it doesn’t create a glare.

Hometime Tip* For Zoom meetings, avoid a shadow or any obstruction to a clear view of you. Choose backgrounds like solid walls or something relatively uniform, like a bookshelf.

The decor

Working from home has its pros and cons. The downside? Many of life’s distractions are inevitable and difficult to avoid. Maybe a package is getting delivered during a zoom call or a pet is barking in the background.

It’s ok when life happens but this just means that you need to be intentional about creating a space that fuels your work. We suggest incorporating sites, sounds and smells that make you feel your best. Think about art on the wall, pictures of loved ones on your desk, a couch close by to rest, or maybe a fresh vase of flowers.

Hometime Tip* Surround yourself with whatever inspires you to work and remove all distractions that prevent you from getting the job done.

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