Airbnb Management in Ballarat

Earn a hassle-free income without the headache of managing a property by signing up for professional Ballarat Airbnb management with the experts. Hometime will ensure that your short-term rental in Ballarat receives maximum returns with skilled local hosts and revenue management services.

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Airbnb property management in Ballarat

Home to award-winning attractions, Australia’s oldest gallery, markets and local designer stores, Ballarat has something for everyone. The Ballarat botanical gardens were designed and planted in the 1860s, with a special focus on begonias. Visitors looking for adventure can visit the wildlife park and see kangaroos, koalas, wombats and tigers, to name a few. The Airbnb property market in Ballarat sees an increase in demand from December to April as visitors look for a break from the busy city of Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

Top-rated Airbnb management company in Ballarat

We offer data-centric insights into your property's performance together with a range of additional services including property styling, cleaning and maintenance as well as top-quality guest management.

Airbnb management in Ballarat

At Hometime, we work with a dedicated revenue team that focuses on optimising your Airbnb listing and its daily rates. On average, homeowners in our management portfolio increase their earnings by up to 30% due to our dynamic pricing service. The daily rates for homes will increase and decrease as the market demand changes, ensuring your property and our Airbnb management services work hard for you.

Always transparent

You'll never be left in the dark when Hometime manages your Airbnb in Ballarat. Our Host Platform has an Owner Portal designed to give homeowners a fully transparent overview of the performance of their properties. This includes viewing upcoming bookings and receiving an earnings estimate. Our Platform was designed to empower you to have control over your property — without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Trusted by industry partners

Soon after Hometime was launched in 2015, we partnered with Airbnb to become the first Official Airbnb Co-Host in Australia. This allows us insight into Airbnb travel trends and statistics to ensure we provide our homeowners with the best possible service and earnings estimates. Homeowners can rest assured that their properties are in good hands and trusted by globally accredited brands such as Airbnb.

Hosting partnering service

Every home that joins our Airbnb management portfolio is partnered with Hosting Partners. These hosts are vetted by Hometime and have years of experience in the property management and hospitality industry. With the help of our support teams, they will handle all guest communications, check-in and check-outs, coordinate cleaning and maintenance, and are ready for any property or guest emergency.

Homeowner Testimonials

Homeowners love our property management services. Take a look at the reviews of just a few of our happy rental property owners and see for yourself.

I would highly recommend Hometime for property management. They have excellent insights into earning potential, and are always looking for ways to maximise return.


Our Local Host, Eve is wonderful. She goes out of her way to be informative and friendly, and she's very helpful whenever I have any questions about my property.


My property manager, Eve, is so on top of all things to do with my property. She's on top of all things booking and management related and no task is ever too much.


Guest Testimonials

It's a very nice, quiet and comfortable retro home. We had a great time listening to the old records and it's wonderful to see so much history in an Airbnb. We've recommended it to many friends.


A lovely cottage for our short visit to Ballarat that is close to town and Sovereign Hill. It has large bedrooms and a very well maintained yard. We will check their availability for the next time we visit Ballarat, for sure!


Great location for a family to duck in and out of the Ballarat area. The Airbnb also had a stunning vista. What a gorgeous cottage. My family of 5 plus our puppy loved our stay and we'll be back again very soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Airbnb profitable in Ballarat?

A Ballarat Airbnb can be a fantastic investment when it comes to short-term rentals. This expansive regional location offers much for visitors to do, paired with a quaint country town vibe that makes it the perfect escape from the big city. Being only an hour away from Melbourne makes Ballarat convenient to access for weekend getaways and short stays, with enough activities to do for couples and families to increase the length of their stay. The management services offered by Hometime for your Airbnb in Ballarat will guarantee that your property reaches its maximum potential, ensuring that your investment will be a profitable one.

How to find a good Airbnb property manager in Ballarat?

Finding the right manager for your Ballarat Airbnb might seem like a daunting prospect. Airbnb managers need to have a hospitality mindset to care for guests and a financial mindset to ensure that adequate revenue can be earned from owner investment. With a company like Hometime, all aspects of your Airbnb will be taken care of, from listing optimisation to bookings and guest management.

Why is Hometime the best short-term property management company in Ballarat?

As an expert in Airbnb management in Ballarat, Hometime is your best choice for a quality property manager. Partnering with local hosts means your guests will have the benefit of the regional experience and get the best tips to make the most of their stay in Ballarat. The informative technological platform helps to keep owners involved in their investment, providing up-to-the-minute live data and information.

What property management services does Hometime offer in Ballarat?

The services offered by Hometime make up a complete package. From property styling and professional photography to ongoing cleaning and maintenance for your investment, there is very little that Hometime cannot offer you as a management partner. Our purpose-built technology allows you to stay in touch with the details of your short-term rental, while our hosting partner services will ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger for your investment to make an excellent return.

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Ballarat Airbnb property management without the hassle

Managing an Airbnb in Ballarat Victoria doesn't have to be a hassle. Sign up for the best Airbnb management services with Hometime and rest assured your property is in the best hands to help you earn more while doing less.

Ballarat Airbnb property management without the hassle