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Airbnb property management in Newcastle

A two-hour drive north from Sydney takes you to Newcastle, a relaxing breakaway location situated around a harbour, lined with beautiful beaches, surf spots and an active outdoor and café lifestyle. You can join the locals at the popular Newcastle City Farmers Market and enjoy local produce, handcrafted jewellery and fashion.

Apart from its picturesque beaches, Newcastle also boasts an array of other tourist sites worth exploring. Visit the Bogey Hole, an historic rock pool with scenic ocean views, and take a dip in the refreshing waters. If you're a history buff, head to Fort Scratchley, a military fortification that defended the city against Japanese submarines during World War II. 

You can also simply stroll along the Newcastle Memorial Walk and soak in the breathtaking views of the coastline. With its beautiful natural scenery, cultural attractions and outdoor activities, Newcastle is an ideal destination for those seeking a unique holiday experience.

With so much to do in Newcastle, travellers are looking for alternatives to hotel-style accommodation. Airbnbs are often the preferred accommodation choice, giving investment property owners a means to increase their earnings. These short-term rentals offer a homey and personalised experience for travellers and allow them to experience the city from the point of view of a local. 

Top-Rated Airbnb management company in Newcastle

Professional Airbnb management in Newcastle, NSW supported by Hosting Partners.

Airbnb management in Newcastle

Our expert Local Hosts in the Newcastle area will help your guests feel right at home, experiencing hospitality and the beautiful area like a true local. You'll have direct contact with your Host to discuss any matters relating to the maintenance, cleaning and performance of your Airbnb property. Supported by our dedicated team, all our Airbnb Hosts are geared to take your home to the next level.

Bookability score

Our systems begin interpreting data from the moment your Airbnb in Newcastle receives bookings. This is due to our exceptional development teams, who have built a platform that automatically benchmarks a range of characteristics related to your listing. Those characteristics — any amenities and extras you have — are then compared to the rest of the market, defining what we call a 'bookability score.'

Personal guest screening

We take great care in listening to your house rules and guest requirements in order to vet potential guests. Our Newcastle Host will personally screen every guest before accepting a booking. This allows us to manage expectations and only allow guests into your Airbnb in Newcastle who will enjoy a wonderful stay and experience. Should your home not be child-friendly or accept any pets, we'll be sure to stick to those rules.

Pro service providers

Our vision is enabling small business owners to grow their businesses while providing excellent hospitality and Airbnb hosting services to our homeowners and their short-term rental guests. To achieve, this we partner with independent cleaning, maintenance and vacation rental management companies to be our eyes and ears on the ground. At Hometime, we keep your occupancy high and your guests happy.

Homeowner Testimonials

Great, efficient, friendly and discerning service. All issues resolved quickly with respect to clients, other residents of the building and anything pertaining to the accommodation, itself. Couldn’t be more pleased.


Hometime and our local host have provided us with a great outcome for our property. Lisa, our local host, has been responsive and helpful. We have appreciated the seamless management of the property from end to end.


Lisa is very easy to work with. She is good with detail and a lovely person taking away any hassles from us. The Hometime Portal is easy and clear to use, making our experience very positive.


Guest Testimonials

Very nice place, located very close to the beach as well as grocery stores for day-to-day shopping. It was very easy to communicate to Lisa about the place. The outside lounge by the pool in the backyard is a perfect spot for relaxing or having a getaway for a weekend.


Amazing house, very spacious and the host is responsive and kind. Great area with shops that are just a 4 min drive down the road. The many activities are only a short drive away. I would highly recommend this Airbnb to other guests thinking of a break in Newcastle!


A home that feels like your own luxurious private hotel in a stunning location. Very well equipped and an excellent host. I can't recommend it enough. Perfect for couples or families as it caters to everything. A credit to the owner. We can't wait to go back!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Airbnb worthwhile in Newcastle?

Yes, Airbnb can be worthwhile in Newcastle thanks to its popularity among travellers seeking unique holiday experiences. There’s no shortage of picturesque beaches, cultural attractions and outdoor activities in Newcastle. 

With short-term rentals, investment property owners can increase their earnings and offer a personalised experience to their guests. But to further drive up their earningss, Newcastle Airbnb owners should partner with a trusted Airbnb management company

How do I find a good Airbnb Property Manager in Newcastle?

When looking for an Airbnb property manager in Newcastle, look at experience, reputation and services offered. Opt for a company that offers comprehensive management services, including guest screening, maintenance and cleaning, direct communication with the host and access to pro service providers. 

Hometime offers all that and more. Hometime is a top-rated Airbnb management company in Newcastle that offers expert local hosts, a bookability score system and top-notch service providers to help your Airbnb property perform excellently.

Why is Hometime the best short-term property management company in Newcastle?

Hometime is a leading short-term property management company in Newcastle due to our comprehensive Airbnb management services, including expert local hosts who help guests experience the area like a true local, a scoring system that optimises your property's earning potential and personal guest screening that ensures your property is only rented to responsible guests.

Additionally, Hometime partners with independent cleaning, maintenance and vacation rental management companies to provide excellent hospitality and hosting services to homeowners and their guests, ensuring that your Newcastle Airbnb is always maintained and occupied. Hometime's reputation for excellence and satisfied clients make us a top choice for short-term property management in Newcastle.

What property management services does Hometime offer in Newcastle?

Hometime offers a range of property management services in Newcastle to help you maximise your rental income. These services include: 

By listing your property with Hometime, you can enjoy the advantages of short-term rental and maximise your returns — without the hassle.

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Lisa Murdoch

Lisa loves travelling and going on adventures with her family which has taken them to the Maldives, Singapore and Hamilton Island to name a few. She's a Newcastle local with extensive knowledge about the city and everything it has to offer.

Lisa Murdoch

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Supercharge your short term rental management business with Hometime!

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Interested? Become a local partner today!

Supercharge your short term rental management business with Hometime!

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With Hometime, your Airbnb property will perform excellently in Newcastle

By combining data with guest and host feedback, our expert systems and transparent platform give homeowners and our teams insight into each property to provide the best Airbnb management services.

With Hometime, your Airbnb property will perform excellently in Newcastle