Why choose a short-term rental management service?

Hometime provides full-service short-term rental management solutions for homeowners and rental management business owners. See what we can do.

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Handling one or more short-term rentals can be time-consuming for property owners when you take into account all the administration that goes into the short-term rental market.

Elevate your Airbnb experience with Hometime's expert property management. Our team handles both strategy and operations, freeing up your time and delivering a comprehensive solution. Trust us to manage your property with ease.

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The benefits of short-term rentals

Access to a wide range of short-term property management services

By engaging with a professional short-term rental management company, you will have access to Hometime’s wide range of services that come together to create an all-inclusive package that will take care of your investment.

Take the stress out of guest management and communication

Handling guests in a personalised way with smooth check-in and check-out processes is an important aspect of ensuring that you receive good reviews and repeat bookings. A short-term rental manager will take over these guest management tasks for you.

Be guided by expert revenue management pricing and analysis

Not every property owner has the skills or the time to conduct regular analysis on their short-term rental property. With short-term holiday rental management, revenue management will form a part of the service giving you better insights into the potential that your investment has in the local market and displaying ways in which you can increase your revenue.

Feel reassured that cleaning and maintenance is fully covered

Local property managers will take complete care of the cleaning and maintenance requirements at your property after every checkout so that your short-term rental remains in top condition for years to come. Local property management means you will have access to the best cleaning teams and tradespeople at negotiated rates to make every task simple and affordable.

Work with professional short-term property stylists and photographers

We bring years of expertise in short-term property management. You’ll benefit from our professional styling, high-quality photography and compelling content to showcase your property at its best and attract more guests. The best short-term rental management companies will ensure that your property is highly visible to guests searching for accommodation across many different platforms.

Enjoy the transparency of our tech platform so you know the latest about your home

By working with a short-term rental property management company, like Hometime, you’ll also have access to our tech platform to help drive your reservations to higher levels than ever before. Listing optimisation and property management software have both proven to help our existing homeowners and hosting partners to grow their short-term rentals leading to more bookings and revenue — all backed by quality guest reviews.

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Let’s discuss more about the benefits of short-term rentals and how your property can be enjoyed by guests looking to stay in great homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of every aspect that comes with managing a property in the short-term rental market. Here are some of the questions we’re asked the most.

How to best manage short-term rental properties?

Managing short-term rentals can be a big juggling act for owners who choose to manage for themselves. With the quality short-term rental management services available from Hometime, you can relax while knowing that your property is being managed by an expert team.

What are the benefits of choosing short-term rental management for your property?

The benefits of using a professional company for short-term property management include a large network of professional local services around Australia, experienced property managers and technological benefits, including a short-term rental channel manager and much more.

How can Hometime help increase revenue for your investment property?

Flawlessly optimised listings, professional styling and photography and quality guest management are only some of the things that Hometime can do to help increase the revenue for your short-term rental. With years of experience and an all-inclusive package, you can be sure that the management of your property is in good hands.