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Supercharge your short-term rental property management and hosting business with Hometime. Our Hometime Platform welcomes new Hosting Partners from all over Australia and New Zealand.

Hometime Hosting Partner - Lina

Turbo charge your hosting business

As the largest Airbnb manager in Australia and New Zealand, Hometime has figured out the key to successfully scaling a Host management business, first-hand. We're now making our people and platform available to fellow industry operators to help them succeed.

Grow your business with us

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Our marketing and sales teams will generate new prospective leads for you, whilst our channel and revenue managers will aim to maximise the earnings of every property in your portfolio.

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Our large portfolio and leading position in the market means we have access to the best supplier rates for our Hosting Partner network, meaning you get to realise significant economy of scale cost benefits.

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Efficiency is one of the key attributes of a successful hospitality business. Our technology works hand-in-hand with our standardised processes. This allows us to streamline your operations without reinventing the wheel.

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Running a successful short-term rental management business is a 24/7 job. Partnering with Hometime means you have our full support, which means increased productivity and output, without the extra hours.

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Key benefits

By partnering with Hometime, you get to access a wide range of value added benefits, allowing you to fast track the growth of your portfolio, whilst earning more and doing less. Below are some of the key benefits that you will get to enjoy.

Lead Generation

When you partner with Hometime, we will be your new lead generation engine. We handle all marketing and sales for you, which helps significantly turbo charge your property portfolio growth.


Leveraging our many years of experience managing Airbnbs, we have built the ultimate property management system from the ground up. You will get full access to this, allowing you to automate and streamline your day to day and realise significant cost savings and time efficiencies.

Dynamic pricing and revenue management

We have a dedicated team of pricing and data science experts that take care of all revenue management responsibilities. We have extensive data supporting our constant outperformance of the market, which means greater revenue per property for all parties.

Finance and compliance

Sick of trying to reconcile accounts and doing end of month statements? Hometime takes care of all this, meaning no more mundane accounting tasks for you ever again.

Access to Airbnb and other partnership benefits

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Hometime was the first company offered to join Airbnb’s official Global Pro-Host Program in the APAC region.

Our official partnership with Airbnb means that we get priority support, along with a number of other additional benefits, which means when you partner with Hometime, you do too!

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NAB Ventures, a venture arm of National Australia Bank, is amongst our major investors.

Outside of the funding aspect, this helps us fine tune our product offering and data structures in line with the requirements of the banking sector and helps us develop new product offerings and ongoing innovation for the short-term rental market.

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To successfully manage a portfolio of short-term rental properties, requires strong collaboration with a number of key suppliers, namely qualified housekeepers, linen suppliers, maintenance personnel, furnishing vendors, etc.

Given the scale of our Hometime Hosting Partner network and our extensive number of properties under management, we are able to negotiate considerable supply discounts, which we then make available to you as part of our partnership.

Community and best practices

Throughout our years of experience, we have compiled a list of all of the best practices that are involved in successfully managing Airbnb's at scale. We have made this blueprint fully available to you, meaning you get to leverage off of all of our learnings and bypass years of trial and error.

Dedicated support from our team

Hometime is structured around specialist teams, each focused on a different part of the host and guest lifecycle. As part of our partnership you gain direct access to these teams in addition to having a direct point of contact throughout your journey with us.

Meet Lina

After travelling the world using Airbnb, Lina could quickly tell which properties were professionally hosted and which were not. With these happy hosting experiences in hand coupled with Lina's extensive experience in Management it felt right to start offering hosting services in her home town of Darwin NT.

Joining Hometime

Since partnering with Lina ~2 years ago, together we have helped grow her portfolio of homes under management to over 120+ properties. She is by far the largest professional host in Darwin! 

Hometime Hosting Partner - Lina
130 Properties

Meet Krystina

Krystina has hosted more than 10,000 guests.

"Hometime has helped me grow my short-term rental business and I've hosted more than 10,000 guests! Their support teams and technology make managing holiday rentals a breeze and I look forward to hosting the next 10,000 guests."

Joining Hometime

Krystina has been an incredible partner to work with. She has been with Hometime for roughly 4 years and has upheld the highest level of quality standards for all guests and homeowners alike.

hometime hosting partner - lina
46 Properties

Meet Justin

He's been a keen traveller and lived overseas for 10 years.

"I returned to Melbourne a few years ago and am thoroughly enjoying being back in one the worlds greatest cities and reunited once again with family and old friends. I’ve been using Airbnb since 2011 and have had some amazing experiences. Now it’s my turn to host and I’m looking forward to welcoming guests from all over the world and those from interstate.”

Joining Hometime

Justin has been part of Hometime for 4 years+. Together we have helped grow his portfolio to 57+ properties and counting, all whilst streamlining and optimising his processes, allowing him to scale far beyond his previous property ceiling limits.

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57 Properties
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Frequently Asked Questions

We've rounded up some of the questions we're asked most about our Hosting Partner model.

What support and tools does Hometime offer me if I list my property?

Hometime empowers a community of Hosting Partners with best-in-class tools, technology, as well as dedicated support teams to help facilitate rapid scale and a profitable, flexible lifestyle. We support:

Hometime brand awareness building, homeowner lead acquisition, and pre-qualification, in-house property management software with Airbnb integration, dynamic channel and revenue management (calendar, pricing and distribution of funds) and the Hometime Hub - an online learning environment that gives you access to an exclusive supplier network, helps you increase profitability, provides business mentoring access to our Hosting Partners, and offers dedicated support across all stages of the host lifecycle.

Are there any sign-up fees to become a Hosting Partner?

There are no sign-up fees when joining. However, there are of course some costs to consider initially. These include: the cost to register as a company (ACN), and the cost to set up on the ground operations (cleaning team, consumables, linen).

How does the lead acquisition and pre-qualification team assess the suitability of a property for my business?

Our dedicated team will schedule a growth strategy meeting with you to understand how you’d like to scale your business. Based upon the discussion, our team will qualify leads based upon location, property quality, size, client motives, duration of management required, and property availability.

Who determines the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee is set by you, the local hosting partner. However, Hometime provides parameters (minimum & maximum figures) that you should operate within.

Do I need to be an established business before signing up with Hometime?

No, you don’t. Our service offering is targeted towards short-term rental operators. Whether that be brand-new operators breaking into the market and driving lead generation or larger more established players with many properties looking to streamline operational efficiencies and drive profitability through channel and revenue management optimisation.

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Maintaining homes and generating great reviews — that's us at Hometime. We help you earn more, whilst you do less!

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