Airbnb Property Styling & Photography

Hometime can professionally style your property so it's ready for your local Airbnb market. Find out more about styling including photos for your listing.

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Stand out from the sea of Airbnb listings with our property styling services

Draw in potential guests with eye-catching photos and improve your chances of increased bookings. Our Airbnb photography and property styling services can mean the difference between a popular listing and an unnoticed one.

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Why styling and photography is important for your Airbnb listing

Differentiate yourself from the rest

Any potential guest favours high-quality photos over dingy ones. Our home property styling services aim to maximise your property's potential by working with the existing layout of your property and using existing furniture and accessories. Paired with our professional property photography, your listing will look like the perfect home away from home.

Expert property photography

The right photos can do wonders for your Airbnb listing. Light and colours, composition and post-production are key elements of property photography services — and we work with experts who make it happen. Sourcing the right Airbnb professional photography is part of our rental management services, so your property attracts the right kind of guests.

The art of Airbnb styling

Styling properties is crucial to getting more bookings. We’ll showcase key areas of your property and draw attention to the most appealing or interesting features — whether it’s a hot tub or unique entertainment units. By highlighting the distinctive elements of your property, you can ultimately expect an increase in bookings, ratings and revenue.

Property styling packages with Hometime

As your full-service partner, property photography and styling come as part of our package. We offer a range of convenient services to our hosts, including property styling and photography, property management and maintenance, guest management, listing optimisation, property management software, cleaning and revenue & booking management.

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Let’s discuss how you can arrange for the best photography and styling Australia has to offer and make your listing stand out amongst the sea of short-term rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s okay if you’re not an expert on Airbnb professional styling and photography - we’ve got your questions covered!

Why is Airbnb property styling and photography important?

Styling your property is essential to ensure you have the right exposure to attract higher nightly rates and increased bookings overall. Expert property photography showcases the best that your listing has to offer from all the ideal angles.

How do property styling and photography help to increase bookings?

Expert property styling enhances the space that you have to make it appealing to the widest possible audience, while Airbnb pro photography captures everything that potential customers need to make their final decision. These two aspects are important in ensuring that your property is presented in the best possible light for the largest customer reach.

Can I do the styling and photography myself?

Many people choose to take care of their own styling and photography. Personal taste is an important element of putting together a successful short-term residential listing, but there are often cases where a professional home stylist will see potential that you might not have noticed. There is a range of Airbnb photography tips that you can follow if you choose to take care of your own property photography — but nothing beats the services of an expert.

How long does it take to complete property styling and photography?

If the proper planning is in place, the usual timeframe for property styling and photography is just under a week. From the initial inspection and approval, through to furniture deliveries and placement, to the photography stage, professional services like these can be surprisingly fast.