FAQ's - How can we help

Over the years Hometime has offered Airbnb management services to hundreds of homeowners in Australia and New Zealand. We primarily focus on holiday home and investment property management taking care of every aspect that comes with managing a property in the short-term rental market. Below are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently.

Our Homeowners

What do your services include?

We offer a full range of Airbnb management services including the following:

Onboarding and helping you set your property up for Airbnb
Acquiring and vetting guests as well as providing them with a 5-star hospitality experience
Providing monthly reports and marketing updates to our customers
Managing cleaning, maintenance and communications for every guest turnover
Creating property listing to showcase its full value through top-class professional photography, professional copy and best practices that we have developed over the years
Sourcing, vetting and coordinating suppliers that provide top quality linen, consumables and other services required to successfully run a short-term rental
Managing and resolving disputes so that our clients’ properties are always kept to the best standards
Delivering above the market returns via a specialised revenue management team, robust data sets and top of the market technology
Providing local co-hosts for every client and their property
How does Hometime work?

Hometime offers a complete hands off short-term rental management solution. By partnering with us, we take care of all of the ins and outs with respect to managing your property on the short-term rental market, and delivering you above market returns, without you having to lift a finger.

The first step is to enter your details via the signup form, upon which a Hometime representative will get in touch shortly thereafter. We then provide you with a comprehensive earnings estimate, so you can make an informed decision on how much your property might be able to generate. If you are keen to go ahead, we then pair you with one of our expert local managers who will meet you at your property, onboard you and be your ongoing local point of contact throughout your time as a Hometime customer.

Is Hometime part of Airbnb?

Hometime is a privately owned independent business with strong backing from well-established investment funds. Whilst we are not directly affiliated with Airbnb, we have a very close partnership with them, and were the first awarded Airbnb Professional Co-Host in Australia. This certification is only available to a handful of professional hosts that meet the highest level of quality and service criteria.

How long has Hometime been around for?

Hometime was launched in 2016 and has grown to become one of the largest and leading short-term rental management platforms in Australia, New Zealand.

Does Hometime offer its services near me?

Hometime has one of the largest coverage areas and is currently in 34+ markets across Australia and New Zealand and counting. Please explore our website to find the location specific to your market. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon!

How do you optimise for my earnings?

Our specialised revenue management team are 100% focused on generating the maximum booking value out of each and every one of our properties in our portfolio. Some our key initiatives include:

a) We algorithmically set prices that respond to market supply and demand dynamics multiple times a day;

b) We build overarching strategies based on our experience and data insights to account for any broad market changes (i.e. school holidays, events, border restrictions);

c) Our systems automatically alert us should there be any properties that show low bookability scores (i.e. lower performance than what we’d expect), so we're able to quickly remedy these and take the necessary action to improve performance;

As a result, we are able to confidently say (and have strong data to support this) that we're able to outperform the market and maximise your earning potential.

Will I be dealing with a local on-the-ground manager?

Yes, we're proud to partner with some of the best local Airbnb experts in the business. Our Hosting Partners are your direct point of contact on the ground and personally ensure your home is taken care of like it's their own.

How does pricing work?

We charge a once-off onboarding fee which covers the costs of getting your property listing setup, including professional photography, lockboxes, the first initial clean, etc.

From here, our pricing is charged on a percentage commission basis, so we only earn when you earn, meaning that we're 100% aligned to optimise your property for its best performance and highest yield potential. Further to this, there is a separate cleaning fee, however this is paid for by the guest.

Are there any contracts involved before signing up to Hometime?

Yes, there will be a standard agreement signed between both you and Hometime. Our property consultants will go over the agreement with you and answer any questions you may have.

When and how do I get paid?

We payout your earnings monthly. They are paid as a net amount after fees. You may track this via our Homeowner portal, which provides an extensive overview of your properties performance and highlights key metrics, such as nightly price, occupancy, monthly payouts etc.

Our Guests

What are the benefits of booking a Hometime property

All of our properties are highly unique and are of superior quality. Further to this, all of our properties are professionally managed by expert local managers, meaning that you get to enjoy an ultra-local as well as five star guest stay.

Will someone be there to welcome me in-person?

For the most part, our properties are all self check-in either through lockbox or keyless access. We find this is a more seamless approach, given it requires no coordination on timing of arrival.

Is an early Check-in or late Check-out available for my Hometime reservation?

Typically our properties require that guests check-out by 10am and check-in by 3pm. In saying that where possible we are happy to try and accommodate. If you would like to request an alternative arrival or departure time, please contact your Hosting Partner directly to find out more.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Feel free to reach out directly to your local Hosting Partner via the guest portal for any questions you may have before, during and after your stay.

Can I bring my pet along?

Many of our homes are pet-friendly, but we always advise checking the details of each listing before you book.

Our Hosting Partners

What support and tools do Hometime offer me in this arrangement?

Hometime empowers Hosting partners with best-in-class tools, technology, as well as dedicated support teams to help facilitate rapid scale and a profitable, flexible lifestyle. Broken down these include:

Hometime brand, lead acquisition, and pre-qualificationIn-house property management software with Airbnb integration, dynamic channel and revenue management (calendar, pricing and distribution of funds) and the Hometime Hub - an online learning environment that gives you access to exclusive supplier arrangements increases profitability, business mentoring access to a community of Hosting Partners, and dedicated support across all stages of the host lifecycle.

How do the lead acquisition and pre-qualification team assess the suitability of a property/client for my business?

First of all, our dedicated team will schedule a growth strategy meeting with you to understand how you’d like to scale your business. Based upon the discussion, our team will qualify leads based upon location, property quality, size, client motives, duration of management required, and property availability.

Who are the preferred suppliers?

Hometime's preferred suppliers consist of linen, consumables and service providers (maintenance and cleaning operators). This group of suppliers is trusted within our network and ensures all of our Hosting Partners benefit from "bulk buy discounts" that they would normally not have access to.

Are there any sign-up fees?

There are no sign-up fees when joining. However, there are of course some costs to consider initially. These include: the cost to register as a company (ACN), and the cost to set up on the ground operations (cleaning team, consumables, linen).

Do I need to be an established business before signing up with Hometime?

No, you don’t. Quite simply, our service offering is targeted towards short-term rental operators. Whether that be brand new operators breaking into the market and driving lead generation or larger more established players with 50+ properties looking to streamline their operational efficiencies and drive profitability through channel and revenue management optimisation.