Become an Airbnb Rockstar: 4 Underrated Skills

Unlock your Airbnb potential with these 4 underrated skills. Discover if you have what it takes to become an Airbnb rockstar. Find out how!

Becoming a good Airbnb host or Superhost requires some experience but even newbies can make it happen if they have the below 4 qualities. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the 4 most underrated skills that can serve you well in the Airbnb property management industry.

Being Organised

An Airbnb host must first and foremost be organised. A huge part of keeping your property maintained is keeping tabs on everything that should be cleaned and fixed within your property. Organised Airbnb hosts know when it's time to bring in new cutlery, sheets, and other necessary items that need constant changing. Just like in the hotel business where worn and old linens and towels are replaced after several uses, so should you as an Airbnb host, to make sure that your property is always in tip-top shape. A good host also knows where everything is inside their property so when a guest asks about finding the TV remote or the extra blankets, you’ll have an answer straight away which will impress guests. It’s also a skill that will help you assess just how well your property is performing because you know how much you’ve invested in your space vs how much you’re getting in return.

Knowing your way around the house

It’s no secret that in Airbnb hosting that there’s a lot of cleaning due to the high guest turnover rate. Hosts who have a cleaning trick or two up their sleeve will make this process so much easier for themselves. Some good old know-how, like understanding that white linens and coloured towels are ideal, will get you far in saving time and money. Having a good cleaning process in your own home will help as you’d know how much time laundry takes and what other chores you can sneak in while waiting for the wash cycle to finish. It all boils down to knowing your way around your house. If you’re a good homemaker, you will quickly adapt to being an Airbnb Superhost.

Having the gift of gab

Communication is key when establishing a good relationship with your guests. You can also promote your property to potential guests more effectively if you know how to phrase things nicely and in a welcoming manner. This also extends to how you answer your reviews. If you know how to respond properly, it will give the impression that you are a kind and considerate host, showcasing your accommodation services in the best light for future guests.

Stay updated on all the latest happenings

Are you the type who knows every upcoming holiday and events in your area? This is actually a handy thing to be aware of when you’re an Airbnb host. You can charge more for nights when you know that accommodation in your location will be in high demand. This allows you to adjust your pricing, optimising the revenue you get from your property when you get bookings during peak seasons.

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