Remote Work and Zoom Airbnbs

Work from anywhere with a Zoom Airbnb. Learn how to set up your space and attract remote workers who want a comfortable and productive place to work.

Times are changing and with the new normal, more and more employers have adopted remote work practices. Employees are now free to move further away from where they live since they are no longer bound by their daily commute to the office.

Some short-term rental management companies have noted the sudden adoption of remote work has also given a rise to so-called Zoom Airbnbs. Let’s explore this development further, discuss what a Zoom Airbnb is and what guests are looking for when booking one.

What are Zoom Airbnbs?

Zoom Airbnb is an Airbnb typically located in vacation areas that people who now work remotely or those who finally have an option to work remotely more frequently, are now booking to live and work from for a period of time. This Airbnb use case is not new but it has never been as prominent before. The primary motivation for booking Zoom Airbnbs is usually related to a desire to change the scenery and gain access to a better suited work environment than their own homes.

The right environment

While the advantage of proximity to city centres is the main benefit of living closer to where you work, these spaces understandably offer less room than properties in more remote areas. Typically, the rent is higher since they’re near districts that offer a wide-array of places to visit, from restaurants, shopping centres, gyms, and more. With restricted movement, however, residents that live in these vibrant neighbourhoods found themselves having limited access to the community that was once the highlight of their choice of place to stay.

The desire to rent Zoom Airbnbs could also possibly be fuelled by many factors that working from home brings. Since couples and families are now expected to stay at home even during school and working hours, concentrating on the task at hand while living together in close quarters is more of a challenge, especially with the little ones around.

Convenience and connectivity

Since employees can now bring their work anywhere and move to less congested spaces, it’s a good opportunity for investment property owners and Airbnb hosts to anticipate what remote workers would be on the lookout for. Sensibly, as remote work and learning from anywhere is one of the major reasons for these people moving, having a stable internet connection is a must.

Outdoor Spaces

Not all Zoom Airbnbs are located in beach and mountain areas. In fact, some Zoom Airbnbs can even be smack in the middle of the city. It still helps, however, if the space allows some freedom to also enjoy the outdoors once in a while. For Zoom Airbnbs located in remote areas, this seems like a given as nature is usually the main attraction. In city Zoom Airbnbs, a balcony or a backyard will do by giving employees working remotely the freedom to catch some fresh air during their breaks, making the environment more favourable for productivity and focus.

Those who are considering a more permanent change in residence would most likely turn to Zoom Airbnbs initially as well — to get to know the community and the immediate neighbourhood first before taking the plunge to purchase. As more companies adopt permanent work from home policies, however, the shift towards growing Zoom towns has begun. Whether it’s here to stay or not, is a question for another day.

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