Expert Beach House Maintenance Tips

Do you own a home on the coast and are looking for beach house maintenance tips? Get insight into home maintenance from Airbnb management experience.

There are many benefits to owning a property on the coast; from the year-round vacation experience to the views - what’s not to love? A beachside property will offer unbeaten views of the ocean, easy access to water sports and water-related hobbies and more than a few jealous visits from city friends. 

However, owning a home beside the sea isn’t without its challenges. Making the most of your beach house means the climate that surrounds a large body of water takes a toll on your home’s structure. To prevent costly damage and extend its longevity, your home needs to be maintained on a routine basis.                                 

We’ve collected several fool-proof tips you can use to help maintain your coastal property

Beach house exterior maintenance

The exterior of your property is the first to experience damage from the elements. This is why carrying out routine inspections of all fixtures, fittings and surfaces is critical to lengthen the life of your home exponentially.

Select the right materials

Sun, sea, and sand - are the elements that can adversely affect your home. Sand blowing in from the beach, and salty sea air can cause rusting to metalwork, chipping to paintwork, and damage to window latches. The materials you use to build and maintain your home must withstand these elements. Aim to choose durable and long-lasting paints in high-gloss or satin finishes and use weather-resistant building materials, such as stainless steel, granite or natural stones.

Wash exterior surfaces

Salt can slowly eat away at floors, furniture, paint, steel and the interior of your home, so keep doors closed at all times. To keep your property protected against the elements, give it a thorough clean weekly and wipe down windows and doors, regularly. Washing  down your home’s exterior with a hosepipe will remove corrosive salt that builds up from the wind

Install quality windows and doors

Damage in a house can start from your windows and doors as these are some of the weakest points of a home that have to withstand both the elements and your use of them. Make sure your window cladding-  the protective exterior that guards your wood windows against water damage, choice of window glass and, finally, your choice of window seals will do a lot in protecting your home from water seepage. 

Keep everything secured

Loose installations such as wiring, guttering and drainage and roof tiles are at risk of damage from the elements. Watch these regularly and secure them effectively so that they don’t loosen during a storm and damage your or a neighbour’s home.

Protect outdoor furniture

Outdoor living is one of the perks of having a beachside home, but what this means is that your outdoor furniture needs to be protected to be well-maintained. Keep your outdoor furniture by covering it when not in use and overnight, and by regularly rinsing it off with water. Dry with a soft cloth so that it doesn’t rust.

Beach house interior maintenance

While environmental damages are more prominent outside; there is always a chance you can drag in sand and saltwater, scratch floors, dampen carpets, and damage soft furnishings. So what does one do to protect the interiors of a beachside home? 

Source long-lasting decor and furniture

When furnishing your beach house, choose durable furniture (can resist changing weather temperatures and conditions), multipurpose, practical, and easy to keep clean. Wood is a good option as it is weather resistant if regularly treated and sealed. Choose hardwoods, such as teak, oak, birch, maple, or walnut.

Leave the elements outside

Clean your shoes and any other items that might drag sand and debris inside before entering your home. If sand gets into the carpet, it can be very hard to remove. 

Choose fabric wisely

If you’re looking for fabric that has excellent longevity and is easy to keep clean, then have a look at different types of performance fabrics. The fibres are made to ensure that you have only to do a small amount of cleaning to avoid spills turning into stains. Beach houses get a lot of sunlight, and fade-resistant fabrics make great sofa covers and slips. 

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