Hometime Now Manages Airbnb Properties in Surf Coast

Enhance your Airbnb experience with Hometime's property management services. Explore our expertise in Torquay, Surf Coast, Anglesea, and Phillip Island

Hometime is continuously growing, and the next big adventure of our expansion is none other than the Great Ocean Road along the Surf Coast. Over the years, these fast-developing localities have had tremendous growth not only in terms of population but in its transformation as a holiday hotspot.  Due to the increasing number of tourists visiting the area for some fun under the sun, more locals and investors have decided to benefit from it by listing their property on Airbnb.

Torquay Airbnb Management

Torquay is known as the official starting point of the Great Ocean Road and home of the famous Bells Beach. It’s also where some of the most iconic brands we know today such as Quicksilver and Rip Curl were launched. Around Easter, guests flock the seaside town for the renowned Rip Curl Pro where some of the best surfers in the world gather to compete. While the town is at its busiest during the summer months, it’s a destination that offers year-round surf culture attractions. You can find a lot of shopping areas that sell sporting goods as well as the Australian National Surfing Museum that lets visitors discover the fun and beauty of riding the waves.
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Anglesea Airbnb Management

Anglesea is where the river meets the ocean and offers a wide variety of activities that visitors can enjoy. The town provides many opportunities that focus on exploring nature whether on foot, on a bike, or even on a raft. It’s recognised as a natural haven for its diverse flora and fauna particularly for its rare wildflowers. So whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, or even as a family, you won’t run out of things to do in Anglesea. It’s the ideal place for a picnic with its wide sandy shores and shallow tides at the river’s mouth.

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Phillip Island Airbnb Management

Only a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island is a destination of choice for those looking for a quick getaway from the busy city. The quirky attractions that Phillip Island offers include penguin, seal, and whale-watching. If those aren’t enough, the island also boasts the Grand Prix Visitor Centre where you can enjoy Go Karting with friends and family. You can also explore eight touring trails famous as a place to immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture of food, arts, and wildlife.

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Let Hometime help you manage your Airbnb

With all of these exciting attractions that these towns have to offer and given that short-term rentals are now becoming the accommodation of choice for many visitors, the guest turnover and occupation of such spaces has gone through the roof. Keeping up with all the cleaning, updates on listings, guest communications and pricing fluctuations to monitor, most hosts find themselves in need of a little help. That’s where we come in to make sure that your properties are always performing at their best and remains well-maintained while racking up those 5-star reviews. Schedule a call with us and find out how we can make your Airbnb work harder for you.

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