5 Hacks to Make Airbnb Hosting Easier

Discover 5 hassle-free Airbnb hosting hacks to simplify your life. Get back to what truly matters with these time-saving tips. Find out how!

So you have an Airbnb and after going through all that hard work creating an awesome listing, you’ve realised being a successful Airbnb host isn’t just about landing a booking. All the responsibilities before and after your guests arrive can be very time-consuming and stressful. What’s worse, your guest reviews and hosting life were suffering. Managing a listing might seem tough but there are ways you can make the day to day hosting less of a pain—you just need to find the right hacks.

Here are 5 hacks to make your Airbnb hosting life easier.

1. Implement a self-check-in option

Guests arriving on different times into your home can be inconvenient on your end. You could be at work, you could be on your bed sleeping or you could be outside your property for less than an hour waiting for your guests to arrive.

Save yourself from all those inconveniences by installing a key lockbox. A lockbox is a great tool for you to allow guests to self-check-in when you can’t be there.  You can attach it to a gate or a door handle, just make sure to change the lock code after the guest leaves. This way you can avoid those “Our flight is delayed…” or “We’re here, where are you?” kinds of messages.

2. Create a house explainer

Save yourself from a bunch of messages from your guests asking how to use the electronics and light switches around your house. Creating an explainer that teaches them everything they need to know about your home will help you avoid answering a lot of questions.

You could also include the inconveniences of your property if there’s any and suggest solutions so you can manage their expectations. No Airbnb listing is perfect and guests can have different standards. This way you can reduce the number of complaints from guests if you communicate the inconveniences early on.

3. Use a professional housekeeping service

One of the most time-consuming and stressful tasks with having a short-term rental is the housekeeping. Of course, you don’t want guests to leave you with low ratings just because you’ve run out of coffee or you’ve forgotten to clean the oven. Remember, your property is competing against other Airbnb properties and even hotels. Even if you have the most charming and homey listing in your area, you can’t afford to overlook some cleaning tasks.

To free yourself from all the stress, you need to outsource your housekeeping. A dedicated on-demand housekeeping team that includes a linen service can save you a lot of time by taking care of the essential household items and all of the cleaning tasks. But make sure to hire professional cleaners that have high standards and have years of experience working at top hotels. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also keep your ratings high for giving your guests a clean and comfortable stay.

4. Create a maintenance contact list

Short-term rentals might have different guests going in and out within a month. Maintaining a property could be a headache for a lot of property owners. Broken and faulty appliances should be checked and should be replaced if needed to. A list of reliable contact numbers of your local electrician and plumber could be handy as it would be best to have a plan when any part of your listing end up causing a problem. It’s essential to be prepared so you can sit back and enjoy the experience of being a host as well.

5. Use a property management service

If all of the hacks above still sounds like too much work for you and if you value your time and want to streamline your Airbnb business, you need to consider hiring a professional property management company. A reliable property management team can take care of the day to day running of your Airbnb listing. They can provide a dedicated team that will help you optimise your listing, answer your guests’ messages on the dot, provide quality housekeeping, and coordinates your maintenance needs.

Being an Airbnb host requires a lot of time and effort but you don’t have to do it alone. A property management company can be your partner so you will be able to run your Airbnb listing without stressing yourself out.

Being a successful Airbnb host isn’t just about landing a booking, it’s also about giving your guests and yourself a great hosting experience. With these hacks, you should be able to create more freedom in your life while making your guests happy and satisfied.

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