Meet Hometime's Lead Data Analyst: Gonzalo Fariña

This week, we're chatting to our Lead Data Analyst all the way from Argentina. Find out what gets Gonzalo excited about life and what he loves about Hometime.

This week we’re spotlighting our Lead Data Analyst, Gonzalo. Read on to learn more about what makes him tick, what he gets up to outside work and what he loves about Hometime.

Where are you based?

I was born in Argentina and work from here as Hometime’s Business Intelligence Lead. I support the rest of the team to make smart(er) decisions through data including SQL queries, preparing visualisations, and anything else related to data.

What does a typical day of work look like?

A regular day contains a range of different tasks, like:
- Meeting with the team where we prioritise tasks and discuss how to approach them.
- Developing the long-term projects we have on our “BI Projects” board. An example of this could be building a CX-focused dashboard, pulling data from different sources and showing it in a way that allows us to see how we are doing on the CX front. It can also be a more specific study, like how allowing pets in our listings affects performance.
- Solving tickets we get via our “BI Fixes & Updates” board or Slack.
- Sometimes it's changing the look of a couple of visualisations so they can fit a particular design language, updating the way a calculation is done so it can contemplate a new business rule, or adding columns to a table.

What are some of Hometime's values you connect with that drew you to the role?

Besides the actual position (being the first BI guy is something I enjoy a lot and the value you can add in a couple of days is immense) -  I was hooked by just how much they think about every collaborator's well-being. The company culture is about having a good life, and after over 2 years here, I can confirm those are not just words on a website! I really feel taken care of and part of the team, even being as far away as anyone could be from the rest!

How do you unwind?

When I need to unwind, I usually grab my headphones and go out for a walk, listening to podcasts. Or if I have time, I also love playing tennis!

What is one thing people don’t know about you that may surprise them?

I am a bit of an etiquette fan! Every week I listen to a podcast called Awesome Etiquette (hosted by Emily Post's grand-grand children). Mind you, this doesn't mean I know which spoon to use when at a fancy restaurant! My learning mainly explores how manners affect everyday situations.

What podcast are you listening to/what book are you currently reading

My regular podcasts (besides the mentioned Awesome Etiquette) are Stuff You Should Know, 99% Invisible, and Cautionary Tales. As for books, I'm currently reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas.

What gets you excited about life?

What a deep question! For me, it’s a combination of spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends; good food (shout out to milanesas!); exploring new places and learning everything I can about them.

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