Hometime - our remote-first work culture

In this article we provide an overview of our Hometime work culture and how we have designed remote working to work for us, as well as our team!

Hometime was a remote first company even before the pandemic. We have always been big believers that affording our team this flexibility would result in increased creativity, higher rates of happiness and engagement, and therefore better productivity. In this article we provide an overview of our Hometime work culture and how we have designed remote working to work for us, as well as our team!

Remote work has been gaining traction over the years - but it was only until the pandemic that we all became accustomed to it as a legitimate way forward. With more people operating digitally, all kinds of doorways are opening for those yearning to experience the world and live a life of the un-tethered!

And this disruption doesn't end here - whilst the pandemic was extremely tough on the travel industry, the exponential rise in remote working we believe has changed travel forever and is now contributing to “unprecedented” levels of travel demand which we think  is super exciting to say the least.

Access to a global talent pool

Early on in our journey as a startup, we realised that being able to access a global team would unlock incredible talent opportunities, and what more could a company want? Today we’re fortunate enough to have built a world class borderless team with a diverse mix of amazing people from all corners of the globe, including Australia, the Philippines, Argentina, Portugal and South Africa just to name a few.

Output driven

We have always valued output, productivity and results over time tracking and 8-hour workdays. We put creativity, learning and wellbeing over outdated ways of work and welcome a choice-first future for our employees around the world.

Reaping the rewards

We are big believers that flexibility of movement inspires creativity, ideas and problem solving and promotes the best kind of work outputs. This movement encourages our team to prioritise:

  • Fitness, exercise and healthy eating
  • A calm mind and happy headspace!
  • Travel, hobbies and fun
  • Spending quality time with family and friends

We have found that when employees are free to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing, they are more engaged and productive at work. For us, this is a no brainer.

Our team in action

Here are a few pics of our team living their best day and delivering their best work. We are proud to support our team “working from anywhere” and the joy and life fulfilment that this hopefully enables.

Kieran found himself working in San Fransisco during a trip (left). Dave overlooking the savanna surrounding Victoria Falls (right)
Elena working during a trip to Germany (left). Bryce works from anywhere with his modified camper van (right).

Our teams travel around the world and take Hometime with them

Travel and work is merging

Being a remote first company in an industry based on travel also creates exciting alignment. More and more so, we’re seeing an increased % of guests travelling with us booking extended stays that are either digital nomads or relocating travellers. The world of travel and work is merging and we are happy to be part of the movement facilitating this. See some of our awesome, remote work friendly properties below:

Join us!

We believe we have an amazing work culture and are super privileged to work with incredible people that are delivering their work at a super fast pace. This does mean that we set the bar real high in terms of new joiners, but welcome all applicants that believe they have what it takes to complement our existing A+ team, that thrive in a fast paced environment and are committed to delivering high impact work from anywhere!

See the our current roles at Hometime, we look forward to hearing from you!  

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