Inspecting Vacation Rentals: Download Our Checklist

Ensure hassle-free yearly maintenance inspections for your vacation rental with our detailed checklist. Download now and keep your home in top shape.

A vacation rental inspection is a detailed and thorough check of the property, its structures, design and fixtures that will provide a transparent understanding of the property's condition and ensure your listing is safe and ready to be rented out. When you host guests, part of providing an exceptional experience is ensuring everything within your home is in working order and up to standard. This is why inspections are so important.

Below we list a checklist every property manager should have when inspecting their listings to ensure a perfect handover, each time.

✅ Check-in method

Whatever your check-in method, be it a lockbox, or a smart lock, you’ll want to ensure entry into your property is a smooth experience. For lockboxes or keypads, check the codes work correctly and note any special quirks of the entry system that the guest will need to know. We suggest providing all guests with check-in instructions.

If the key gets jammed in the lock or is old, we recommend making a new set to avoid any entry issues.  

🪛 Maintenance

Wear and tear is common for any property, especially when you have guests come in and out over extended periods of time. In these instances, cupboards can come off their hinges or paint can chip off the walls. Walk through the property, both the inside and outside, to note any damage the property may have. Look out for appliances as well as your interiors.

Check the walls for any damages like mould, cracks or discolourationCheck all furniture to ensure they are structurally sound and as clean as when the guest first checked in

Take photos of all floors and note any scrapes or marksBefore a guest checks in, go through all appliances to check the work should you need to replace any that look all tired or are faulty including heaters, vacuum cleaner, dryer, washing machine and dishwasher

🧹 Cleanliness

As one of Airbnb’s most important ratings, focusing on cleanliness is a must. This extends beyond mopping the floor and washing the linen. If your property is pet friendly, we suggest getting the space fumigated prior to vacating the property to ensure no fleas were brought in. You can also deep clean carpets and couches so that they appear in the same condition as it was upon occupation. Don’t forget cupboards, and any nooks and crannies that you might miss - but that your guest sure won't.  

🦺 Safety

Vacation home inspections can reveal an assortment of issues, some of which can threaten the safety of guests staying. A leaky roof or cracks can cause water damage and attract infestation, which can end up becoming expensive and disruptive to repair. These safety risks make a vacation home inspection extremely important. Part of your safety inspection includes things like keeping a working fire extinguisher in the house,  providing a small first aid kit and testing if all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work.

📺 Electronics

When a guest is paying to stay in your home and enjoy your facilities, the last thing you want is to have advertised something only for it not to work. If your listing mentions that your rental comes with a TV, then make sure the TV connects to cable channels. We also suggest inspecting all sound systems, DVD players, aircon and heaters to ensure that your internet connectivity is reliable throughout the home.

Follow this link to download the maintenance checklist

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